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Administration & Aquisition


Yanilex Systems LLC provides the best administrative and acquisition services in Pennsylvania, USA. We have  has revolutionized business based on our smart business strategy, process automation, digital marketing tools, cloud infrastructure together with a business-winning formula. Our expertise include but not limited to e-commerce, travel, Fin-Tech, healthcare and much more! With certified experienced team, we are continuously conquering the barriers in success of our client businesses, making these more adaptable towards digital world.

About Yanilex’s Administration & Acquisition Services

Expert Acquisition Services

Yanilex Systems works directly with key acquisition program offices to help them achieve their objectives. Our team of experts work in actual acquisition environments in the Army, as well as other DoD & civil agencies, applying Yanilex Systems products and services in specific contexts.



Key Acquisition Functions

Yanilex Systems is focused on direct interaction with the defense, intelligence, and federal acquisition communities by helping them with RFI, RFQ, RFP preparation, closeout and helping with technical evaluations of proposals and deliverables




State Collaborations

Yanilex Systems LLC has been developing acquisition technologies & practices in collaboration with local Army & Government agencies. We have also been part of transitioning technologies & practices to our Federal & DoD acquisition community’s collaborators. We also help in review & advising our Federal & DoD clients on acquisition policy as it relates to the FAR.

Administrative Excellence

Yanilex Systems utilizes a proven staffing methodology which includes a three-step recruiting process – (1) Candidate Identification; (2) Candidate Screening; and (3) Immersion – to identify, screen, and recruit qualified and experienced workforce before orienting and allocating them to ensure proper placement to suit each clients’ needs.

Cream of the Crop

Employees through Yanilex Systems are highly experienced, thoroughly screened to include background checks, tested, insured and consistently demonstrate the highest degree excellence in their respective areas of practice. All of our employees must go through a comprehensive screening process prior to hire.


Key Administrative Functions

Yanilex Systems allocates employees in the key areas of business process such as Financial Management Program / Project Management, Research & Development, Risk & Asset Management, Facilities Management & more!




Why Yanilex?

  • Product enhancements
  • Service enhancements
  • Thought leadership
  • Problem statement definition
  • Business process consulting
  • Business process modelling
  • Requirement elicitation
  • Requirement analysis
  • Vertical domain experience
  • Data management
  • Native mobile apps development
  • Support for cross platforms
  • Development of end-device apps
  • Incident management
  • Management of remote infrastructure
  • L1 / L2 / L3 support
  • Cloud hosting
  • Application management
Qualified Technology Experts

Yanilex Systems LLC houses a qualified team of experts onsite & offshore who are experienced in providing IT solutions for industries across the board. We are innovative, creative and quick learners ensuring to provide you with THE best solution, using the best suited technologies according to best practices & your requirements.

Best Project Management Models

At Yanilex Systems LLC, we customize project management models to perfectly fit your requirements. Making the application smooth and the work-flow seamless. We also offer expertise in project management strategies as services. Yaniles Systems LLC has the dream team you need to be at the top of your game!

Stringent Quality Assurance

Our 100% customer satisfaction is not just a coincidence, it’s the result of a meticulously planned quality testing process that spares no bug or loop-holes. We put your projects through this process twice; before and after the implementation of the solution so YOU can have the best possible IT Solution!

Our Clients

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