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AI & IOT Solutions


Yanilex is the leading AI & IOT Solutions Agency in Pennsylvania, USA. We have  has revolutionized business based on our smart business strategy, process automation, digital marketing tools, cloud infrastructure together with a business-winning formula. Our expertise include but not limited to e-commerce, travel, Fin-Tech, healthcare and much more! With certified experienced team, we are continuously conquering the barriers in success of our client businesses, making these more adaptable towards digital world.

About Yanilex’s AI & IOT Service

AI and IOT as a Service (SAAS)

IOT services are the custom solution incorporating AI & machine learning. This reduces human error, minimzes OPEX overheads and increases time efficiency






Business Intelligence

Being the leading digital services provider, Yanilex has its distinguishing place in providing feasibility analysis along with maintaining networks of IOT. These are integrable with AI algorithms & machine learning techniques. All these tools provide insights helpful in revolutionizing your business!



AI gives your manufacturing and production process via integration of IOT solution with analytics insights that are technology improved, helping in reducing downtime. Predictions provided by AI reduce time required for manufacturing and also increase profit yield.



360 Operational Support

We offer full IOT implementation for wide range of industries. Think of this as including feasibility studies, business analysis, review of the solution offered and piloting developments for final deployment.





IOT Cloud

Yanilex offers seamlessly managed systems connected by our experts with cloud devices. This connection provides detailed analytics for data, predictive management and remote monitoring.





AI Customer Support

IOT solutions need to be deployed by AI to ensure desired customer care which allows advance insight into need for updating via effective collection and processing of data usage.





Why Yanilex?

Qualified Technology Experts

Yanilex Systems LLC houses a qualified team of experts onsite & offshore who are experienced in providing IT solutions for industries across the board. We are innovative, creative and quick learners ensuring to provide you with THE best solution, using the best suited technologies according to best practices & your requirements.

Best Project Management Models

At Yanilex Systems LLC, we customize project management models to perfectly fit your requirements. Making the application smooth and the work-flow seamless. We also offer expertise in project management strategies as services. Yaniles Systems LLC has the dream team you need to be at the top of your game!

Stringent Quality Assurance

Our 100% customer satisfaction is not just a coincidence, it’s the result of a meticulously planned quality testing process that spares no bug or loop-holes. We put your projects through this process twice; before and after the implementation of the solution so YOU can have the best possible IT Solution!

Our Clients

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